Now you can see the kitchen environment without VR directly in the browser!
Be aware that this is NOT a playable non-VR version of the game, it's only a demo to show the environment!

Game made for 3rd term university project.
Currently only really playable with Oculus devices.
>>> Final Release 1.0 <<<

How to play:

You' ll spawn in a small kitchen environment, which functions as this game's hub world. Walk around and explore your surroundings!
((If you're new, look behind you - that might help you!))

Install instructions

  1. If you want to play it on Quest 2 without PC Link:
    Download "University Recipes Quest 2 Build", extract APK and upload it to your Quest 2 via Sidequest.
  2. If you want to play it on any Oculus VR Headset linked to your PC:
    Download "University Recipes", extract the folder and run "University Recipes.exe".


University Recipes 179 MB
University Recipes Quest 2 Build 164 MB
credits.pdf 268 kB

Development log


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Free play mode?

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Unfortunately development has been stopped after we released 1.0, since this was just a 3rd term project for university. We might pick it up at a later time, but all of us are pretty occupied with work/bachelor thesis.
Looking at the project in retrospect also makes it pretty clear, that it's badly optimized and would probably need a complete rework.

can you add a lower graphics feature to the game since my oculus quest 2 runs really slow on it it would be nice

Originally we didn't make this with a Quest 2 version in mind, plus a lot of things aren't optimised anyway.
We might re-work code & graphics at some point, but we're all busy with university at the moment. 
Sorry for the inconvenience!

This game looks awesome but sadly I dont have a vr so I hope that you make this into a desktop game to 

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Thank you for your kind words!
Final release will be at the end of next week, but unfortunately no "non-VR" version is planned so far.
Maybe in the future!

Ok ill wait until then