Official 1.0 Release

Bon Appétit!

The time has finally come: We're proud to announce the 1.0 release of University Recipes VR!
As part of our 3rd semester project a team of 6 students has been working on their first VR project.
A not-so-serious VR cooking simulation, which could help you out of your "it's a pandemic anyway, I can eat junk everyday"-phase.


  • a kitchen main menu hub world
  • different scenarios
  • challenging distractions
  • "realistic" behaviour of ingredients
  • a highscore list to compare your scores inbetween sessions

Planned features (maybe):

  • bug fixes (is bugfixing  even considered a feature?)
  • proper teleportation usage (we know, your food flies around everytime you tp. Think of it as a feature as of now!)
  • new scenarios & settings
  • Vive & WMR support
  •  ... maybe a non-VR version (we heard you, Warpedmine)

Install instructions:
((Currently only really playable with Oculus Devices))

  1.  For desktop users: Download "University Recipes DESKTOP-LINK", extract and run "University Recipes"
  2. For Quest 2 non-link users: Download "University Recipes Quest 2 Build NON-LINK", extract APK and install it via Sidequest.


University Recipes 179 MB
Feb 17, 2021
University Recipes Quest 2 Build 164 MB
Feb 17, 2021
credits.pdf 268 kB
Feb 17, 2021

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